together, we thrive

We are continuously evolving with every work and life encounter. Together, let’s create something truly remarkable.

meet the founders

In the beginning, Sarah Lian embarked on a mission to fill a gap in the market in the Malaysian Entertainment industry managing talent. Later, Eugenie Chan joined and established the Public Relations arm, propelling multiple brands forward by refining and amplifying their stories. Together with their team of Angels, they have been guiding Suppagood over the past decade and continue to explore new realms of communication to help our clients amplify themselves, authentically. Futurist networkers ready for takeoff!

About Sarah

Sarah’s network, intricately woven through collaborations with award-winning directors and global friendships, spans borders. As the head of Suppagood’s Talent and Influencer Marketing, she joyfully forges connections between brands and individuals, bridging differences through creativity. Wearing multiple hats—actor, host, creative strategist, and curator of empowering experiences via Supparetreat—Sarah, rooted in the local Malaysian spirit, leaves a Suppagood mark on every venture.

About Eugenie

Encompassing more than 15 years in the dynamic public relations and communications field, Eugenie has expertly steered countless brands,  offering strategic guidance in thought leadership and crafting positive perceptions through clever messaging. As a seasoned communicator and perpetual learner,  her consultations take a holistic approach layered with global perspectives. With a 23plusone certification in branding, Eugenie doesn’t merely shape brands; she passionately champions conscious leadership, all infused with a Suppagood finesse.


We are continuously evolving with every work and life encounter, honing our strengths, supporting each other, and remaining open to all possibilities for collective freedom.
We are a bunch of multitalented individuals who believe that connecting and shifting perspectives are our greatest super powers. 
As we journey to make a positive impact in the world, we do it all through the lens of nurturing reputations of purpose-led businesses.

the Suppagood way

Our work culture has always been immensely important to us. Here are our four ‘Hows’ that form our cultural foundation:

develop strengths

Why focus on what you're not good at? We want to shine - and the best way is to hone your strengths and keep developing what you've been born to do.

honest heart

How can we lean into the truth? We are straight shooters - we'll take the high road with full disclosure because we'll find the solution
starting there.

bring out the best

Our relationships with our partners and talents are paramount to our success. We value the relationships we build and strive to provide simplicity & service.

the extra mile

It's about looking at the big picture when we approach our work. We believe in going the extra mile when it comes to service, because its always a win-win for all.

share our values?

Birds of a feather, should gather together.